aaaaa day I went but I'm just as my brother, nindy not follow because she's sick , it initially continued to accompany Dad to PasarRaya's going to ace's hardware is what so buying a jacket, right on time I wander not so obvious to be lost somewhere (but still at ace hardware) er me take her hp is not a im3 flexi hp flexi ever that in view of the house was still full batrai tau uh there was a dead on me and turn again huh words "LOW BATERY" ah unfortunately continued continue to meet at the checkout time eh Ritter sport even bought it already, I ate elevator in the elevator while her mama eh really want to find a book at the bookstore NAME WITHOUT continue straight to the comic aaaa spinning spinning comic not find a place there was a comic waw very good bookstore with no name and no one eh comic comic is AVATAR THE LEGEND OF ANG I do not like mending ben 10, go on a sort of going home, then I say just really fast, eh mama said you'd see see the shoes first, go eat on the block s eating meatballs wowowowo continued prayers at the mosque what so forget his name, continued to see where the book store so there has not been to see his mama a book store b & b what kept me buying comics off, kept nearby ga me into existing gramedia his hero's keep what I have not bought anything stupid ah, then I actually bought my Baskin Robbin's brother also came home wokowokowok yaudah ga deh haha oh yes definitely not the time flexi hp that it's turned out batrai've expanded so thick I'll see you

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